Monday, February 05, 2007

Updated LaTeX CV Example

SEE ALSO - I have just posted the LaTeX source for an entire book (i.e., a thesis). This may be an interesting example for those who are in need of CV's.

I've updated my LaTeX Résumé/CV example so that things like paper size and margin widths are easier to adjust. I think the new version is pretty easy to use and may even serve as a good learning tool.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pavlic, your latex resume tepmlate is nice, but it does not include photo section. Hence a resume without a photo is not good..

Ted said...

That link also gives several other resume formats (including LaTeX templates for them). Some of those formats do include a photo.

In some industries, including a photo is not only obnoxious but offensive.

Keep in mind that the template is primarily meant to be for a simple *CV*, not a resume. However, it would be easier to add a photo if you really really want one. I leave that as an exercise for the user.

Oliver Pocker said...

Thanks a lot for that template! Looks great!!!

Ted said...

Just a warning... If you post an irrelevant comment that just links to your own personal CV site, it will be permanently deleted ASAP, and I will report you as a comment spammer if possible.

Thanks to everyone else for the good comments and questions!

Ted said...

By the way, the new template does allow for including a photo. See the notes (included as comments within the template) about the \makeheading macro. It can take an optional second argument that you can use for inserting a picture.