Monday, August 27, 2007

What's wrong with engineers?

"Love Affair" (Regina Spektor) lyrics
There was a love affair in this building
The kind of love affair
Which every respectable building must keep as a legend
Slowly festering through an innocent "by the way"
Or "have you heard"
He was perfect except for the fact that he was an engineer
And mothers prefer doctors
And lawyers

Yet despite this imperfection
He was clean-looking and respectable-looking
And you'll never find a mother
Who doesn't appreciate a natural man
So he grew healthy aloe vera plants by the window
Healthy teeth in his mouth
Healthy hair on his head
He grew healthy wavy brown hair on his head
The kind, the kind that babies always go for
With sticky little fingers

I have healthy hair and teeth and wavy brown hair. I don't know about the baby thing...

I'm pretty sure my aloe vera plant is dying too...

I suppose it is true that mothers rarely like me...

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