Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Wall in Columbus, Sno-hio

If you didn't hear, over Friday night and Saturday morning, 20 inches of snow were dumped on Columbus, OH. That made driving a little rough Saturday, but the main roads cleared up substantially Sunday. Nevertheless, nearly every school is closed today and Ohio State sent out an e-mail warning people that parking might be a little hairy today.

So, I came to work early this morning not knowing what to expect. After previous big snow weekends, the parking lot would get a little smaller because the plowed snow gets pushed to the edges of the lot causing it to contract. However, as you can see, the lot really looks very good:

So, where did all the snow go?! Well, if I turn 180 degrees around, here's what I see:

Now, I walk a little to my left:

So, you're probably thinking that they just plowed all the snow to one end of the parking lot. However, I'm leaving out a big part of the story. If I KEEP walking, you see this:

and this:

and this:

In other words, they've put a SEVEN FOOT SNOW WALL in the MIDDLE of the parking lot, separating one LARGE parking lot into two smaller lots.

Happy melting!

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