Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm a PublicRadioFan

I'm a big public radio fan. While I work during the day, I like to listen to the Internet stream of WOSU's NPR 820. However, they preempted their shows today that were during the OSU women's basketball game. I think this is dumb because they have a separate sports stream that ALSO plays the games. I'm okay with them playing the basketball games over the air, but on-line they should play the normal NPR stream.

So I went looking for another radio station doing live streaming of the shows I was interested in (in this case, I was looking for something that would play Talk of the Nation since it's Science Friday today)... Well, I ended up coming across THIS:

PublicRadioFan is a great site that catalogs live NPR radio streams. I was able to look through their huge schedule grid and find a station that had the right mix of programs around the schedule right NOW **AND** my preferred audio streaming format.

It's great!

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