Saturday, September 02, 2006

Church of Brunch

Feeling secular, but also miss that camaraderie you felt with your old church peers every Sunday? Well, you can get that same Sunday social feeling without all the God talk at the Church of Brunch. Sounds great!

"Church of Brunch" on today's Weekend America
There was a time decades ago when nearly everyone spent Sunday mornings at church. Sunday services were so pervasive that the event became a place of community for the whole neighborhood. Now that religion is less prominent in some folks' lives, they are looking for that same type of community, but minus the God. One such group in Austin, Texas started their own church, the Church of Brunch. Alex Cohen tells us what it's all about, and if the hash browns are really divine.

Note: I don't want to give you the impression that this is just a bunch of people eating together. This particular church does churchy things. They have a few readings. They sing. But it's all secular and none if it is about how to live your life. Instead, it's about community and... happiness, maybe? It's really everything that people seem to like about church, just without the God. From their blog:
  • Group singing
  • Non-religious inspirational (or thought-provoking) readings
  • Quiet contemplation
  • Humorous interludes
  • Fellowship
  • Brunch!!!

There is apparently another Church of Brunch in SLC, Utah, and there's also a Church of the Barbeque in San Francisco, I think. It's hard ot search for these things since lots of churches have brunches and barbeques.

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Dan said...

Thanks for chekcing us out! We encourage others to start a church like ours! Thanks for the nice words!
Church of Brunch Austin co-adMinister