Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ohio Football Rain

It's raining right now. It's a type of rain I never saw in Texas. I don't think I ever saw it in North Carolina either. It's the type of mist that you'd expect from a greenhouse (or a supermarket?) right during watering time, except with the pressure increased a little more than usual so that the mist has a little bit of directionality.

Looking out the window, you see the image of rain you would see on a TV screen if you were watching a football game from a camera somewhere high in the stands with a wide angle lens... except out the window the rain is right there. It's just a light mist. Just a ripple in the fabric of the vision of the trees just beyond the parking lot outside the window.

It's good football rain. It should make for a good game later. It makes me miss going to games. Going to games when it is pouring sucks. Going to games when it's sunny is nice, but it can get hot. Going to games like this... There's something special about this. It's just a mist. You slowly get wet, and if you get out of it soon enough, you'll dry off almost immediately. There's something that says "midwest autumn" about the rain.

It's great.

I hope it rains like this all day. I wish my desk faced the window so I could always have it in the background.

Go Bucks. :)

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