Thursday, January 25, 2007

New LaTeX Resume/CV Template

UPDATE: I've made a few updates that make the LaTeX easier to work with while still providing the same output. I've updated the links to the new source below. This source code evolves toward greater simplicity (e.g., so it can someday be generated from MultiMarkDown). So expect things like the specialized list environments to one day be dropped.
I've just created a new post on using LaTeX for résumé/CV production. I've actually just put my own CV on-line as well as its LaTeX source. They can be found at:Notice the \makeheading{}, \section, and \blankline
macros as well as the outerlist and innerlist environments. Also notice how the template creates PDF bookmarks to each section of the CV.

It should be possible to take my template, strip out my information, and add your own.


lucy said...

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Theo said...

While I like the idea of using a Europass CV, I don't understand why you would ever have someone else build it for you. There are Word and OpenOffice templates available directly from Europass.

Europass CV Templates

Additionally, there is already a great (unofficial) LaTeX template implementing Europass:


That would be a better LaTeX option, but the average user might be a little weary of trying it.

Lucy said...

People need help with Europass CV, as format is very defficult to handle in MS Word. There are lots of tables inside tables and only advance users can adjust format in MS Word.

We have lots of people witing Europass CV, once they finish you can download it in PDF for FREE :)

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Theo said...

I still think the Word and OpenOffice templates, which are freely available, are not that difficult to deal with.

Additionally, my intended audience are LaTeX users who would never consider using Word to generate a CV. In fact, they would probably consider using Word to generate a CV would be an insult to the employer.

latex resume said...

If you are really aware and know about using latex document or latex resume then it's not required to tell that LaTeX is easier to work with while still providing the same output.