Saturday, January 13, 2007

Turtle Flatulence Sets Off Fire Alarm

Flatulent Turtle Sets Off Fire Alarm
Unfortunately, there was no one else around to blame. A hungry turtle who munched on Brussels sprouts managed to create big enough bubbles with his flatulence that it actually set off the fire alarm at the Sea Life Center in Weymonth in the UK. The flatulence was strong enough to set off the sensors throughout the aquarium, according to Marine Biologist Sarah Leaney.

When Leany raced to the aquarium, she thought it odd to find the place relatively calm and quiet. According to the Daily Record, she says: "When I got there, all seemed fine. I looked at the tube containing the sensor and saw a turtle beneath it. As I watched, a few large bubbles emerged from beneath him and rose to the surface next to the tube."

"I realized what must have happened. We like to give all our animals a treat at Christmas and sprouts are a really healthy choice for sea turtles. But they do produce similar side-effects to those experienced by humans who eat too many sprouts."

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