Sunday, February 10, 2008

Like reading my horoscope...

In a comment on a previous post, I got a complaint that all of my new posts are about computer stuff only. Evidently, I'm much more entertaining when I talk about life.

A little after I left my job in Austin to start grad school, my boss left his job to go to grad school. His most recent post really resonates with me. As a bonus, Clay was always more entertaining than me, so I figured forwarding "you all" to his post would be even better than me taking the time to report on life in general.
From Clay's post:
Sundays are tough at the Menlo Park outpost of the Daigle/Box family. The psychology of it all is as follows: LL takes Sundays pretty badly because it means the weekend is almost over. So she regrets how, yet again, we failed to do anything fun or get any skinnier. For example, last night (which was a Saturday), she wanted to go see a movie, but instead we stayed home and ordered Chinese food, which accomplished neither the fun nor skinny parts of her goals. It is also on Sundays that LL notices the apartment isn't tidy and sometimes that can compound the feelings of not getting stuff done.

I on the other hand, don't mind Sundays that much. My low point actually comes on Friday when, yet again, I feel like I didn't make very much progress that week on school or research or whatever else.

So, go read about Clay and LL's "Furniture repair!".

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