Sunday, February 10, 2008

Showing your Grandview Colors...

Outside the Window at Stauf's, a white car was pulled over by a Grandview cop. The white car pulled over near a light, so the cop car stopped in the middle of the intersection. After about five minutes, the cop came out and walked toward the car. A black female was driving the car. After a few minutes of talking to the woman, they asked her to come out of the car, put cuffs on her, and put her in the cop car. She cooperated. No struggle. No argument. No violence.

By this time, two other cop cars had arrived. You can see all three of them in this picture (click for larger).
Here's a zoomed in version that shows the cop car blocking the intersection... (click for larger)
Eventually, the passenger (a black male) moved into the driver's seat, and another cop came and talked to him. After many minutes of talking to him, they asked the black male to get out of the car, and they frisked him (in 14 degree Fahrenheit weather). Eventually they let him get back into the car, but he had to get back into the passenger seat. Evidently, they didn't think he'd be going anywhere anytime soon.

During this whole time, a black child with a little red hat with a light blue winter jacket bounced around in the back seat, trying to figure out what was going on with the adults in the car.

During this whole event, two Stauf's regulars behind me recollected on how the Grandview cops only pull over "ratty cars" and "cars with black people in them". The word "profiling" was used.

Traffic has started to form behind the cop car blocking the intersection.

It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts. Good thing there are three police cars, at least two of which carry multiple police officers.

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Jenn said...

Yeah, see -- I too kind of really like it when you post about non-computer things. Like this.

How did it all end?