Friday, November 04, 2005

Don't you keep records?

Don't you think they would keep records of who visited him that day to see if someone handed him clothes in which he could escape? Instead, they say it was "not immediately clear" if someone actually visited him that day. Apparently attorneys can just come and go as they please. <?>

Convicted killer dons street clothes, escapes from jail
Thompson had been released from his cell block for a visit with his attorney in a private booth, where Plexiglas separates inmates from attorneys, Martin said.

The room is not monitored by authorities and no deputies are present in the room -- an effort to protect attorney-client privilege. Only a few sheets of paper could be slipped under the window, he said.

"He managed to change out of the orange jumpsuit that inmates commonly wear," Martin said. "The inmate jumpsuit was found in the attorney booth."

It was not immediately clear whether Thompson had had an attorney visit him on Thursday, or whether he had merely gone to the area on the pretense of seeing his lawyer.

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