Friday, November 04, 2005

Top Five!

Ohio made it into the top five!

What's interesting is that the deer is Ohio's state animal too!

Top 10 states for auto-deer collisions
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Pennsylvania ranks first among the top ten worst states for vehicle-deer collisions, according to an insurance survey published Thursday.

Coming in second and third were Michigan and Illinois, followed by Ohio and Georgia. Minnesota and Virginia ranked sixth and seventh respectively, while Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin rounded out the list at eighth, ninth and tenth.

It's nice that they make such an effort to mix up the language in that last paragraph to keep from making it look just like a list.

The picture that they put on that article seems appropriate... Aw, what a cute deer... that's going to die someday when it meets a car in one fo these ten states...

Interestingly, there was another anti-deer note just a few days ago.

Deer Decreasing Forest Bird Population
Large populations of deer are edging out forest birds in North America, report scientists in this month's issue of the journal Biological Conservation.


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