Monday, November 28, 2005

These people need to pay some taxes...

Priests urge stem cell opposition
JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri (AP) -- The battle over embryonic stem cell research moved into the pews Sunday, as Roman Catholic priests across Missouri urged churchgoers to oppose a petition seeking a constitutional amendment that would protect the controversial work.

The petition drive was announced last month by a group of business leaders, patient advocates and researchers as a response to legislative efforts to ban a type of stem cell research known as therapeutic cloning.

Missouri's Catholic dioceses oppose it, and urged their priests statewide to begin a campaign Sunday aimed at keeping Catholics from signing the petition.

It would be nice if these Catholic freaks would realize that sometimes prayer isn't enough. At one point, we're going to have to learn to take care of ourselves. That means we're going to have to grow up and actually think about our own morality. We're going to have to grow up and allow ourselves to do the science that can help relieve pain and increase quality of life. We're going to have to realize that just as the boogie man won't hurt us at night, he also won't heal us during the day.

I can't stand these people.

I just can't stand them. This used to just be political, but then people close to me started to be affected by things that would benefit from stem cell and embryonic stem cell research...

And so before I was willing to accept that these people just thought of scientists as looking at things like embryos and biological laboratory matter as some lower form of life that actually deserves full acceptance into humanity... but now I can't help but feel that these people are saying that the people I know do not deserve acceptance into humanity. Now I can't help but feel like they're saying the people I know are lower forms of life that the boogie man never intended to live conventional human lives. Before I thought these Catholic freaks had a problem with certain forms of life being expendable... now I can't help but feel like these fascists feel that all forms of life are expendable.

"Don't give up on an embryo because it might have a soul, but do give up on a soul because it happened to find itself in the 'wrong' body."

I can't stand these people.

(oh, and regarding the title, there is NO WAY that these people can get away with calling themselves a non-profit non-political organization. Their non-profit status needs to be VIOLENTLY RIPPED away from them, and they need to be charged RETROACTIVE TAXES plus fees for being delinquint and maybe even tried for tax evasion in general; heck, I bet someone could put together a class action lawsuit against these people. How many people have been denied treatment due to the faux-moral objections of these people? All those people should get together and sue)

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