Saturday, June 02, 2007

Overheard at the coffee shop...

Walking into the coffee shop, I see three empty tables by the door next to a table with a young man and woman chatting.
Woman: Okay, enough about my quirks. This isn't fair.
Man: Oh, you want to hear about my quirks?
Both: (laughter)

I realized why no one was sitting at these three tables even though the rest of the shop was nearly packed; these two were on a first date, and it would just be awkward to be in earshot of it.

Why is first date banter so predictable? More importantly, why are people going into first dates so worried about what is going to happen? I suppose there's still a lot that is unpredictable... After all, the typical first date banter could *NOT* happen, and that might be pretty scarey if you expected the standard stuff.

Anyway, it was kinda fun.

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Jenn said...

So true! I find it especially interesting to look at a couple from afar and try to guess what exactly they're doing: getting to know each other for the first time? Breaking up? Having a let's-move-into-the-next-stage kind of conversation? You're absolutely right, though; we always worry so much about this stuff, but it doesn't really end up mattering in the end.

I'm so glad you're coming to NYC, by the by. :)