Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thesis, Defense, and Source Available

I packaged it all up, documented it, and made it available on-line. Hopefully having a whole LaTeX thesis source on-line will be helpful to someone. This thesis has multiple indices (people and topic), glossaries, and all sorts of PDF hyperlinking and referencing. It uses packages like authorindex, hyperref, index, and natbib. I hope it serves as a good example for putting together a digital book.

Archives are also stored in the source directory. The defense presentation is best viewed in latest Adobe Acrobat as it makes use of a number of very modern PDF features. The presentation is built with LaTeX using powerdot.

The source directory also includes a modified osudissert96-mods.sty and the standard osudissert96.cls file, which is part of the osudissert96 (info, source) package. The modifications:

  • Force title to uppercase to match updated submission rules.

  • Additional hyperref support: If phantomsection defined, will add phantomsection in dedication page.

  • Additional hyperref support: alphanumeric page numbers on title page to prevent page name conflicts.
Just so everyone knows, the two acceptable graduate unit names for the OSU ECE department are

  • Graduate Program in Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Program

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