Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pine, PASSFILE, all-patch, and Thunderbird 2.0 IMAP keywords

Thunderbird 2.0 has been released! It's fast and finally supports an arbitrary number of custom IMAP keywords (IMAP keywords are similar to the labels used in GMail). I'm thrilled about this.

However, regardless of how wonderful Thunderbird gets, I will always keep PINE around (which has supported IMAP keywords for a long time).

When I build PINE for my systems, I usually pick up a few of the most popular patches as well. I never noticed that there was an all of the above patch that packages ALL of the most popular patches, new features, and bug fixes. I think this is pretty exciting too.

To build PINE with PASSFILE support (i.e., support for saving passwords to file), I recommend using the infinite ink instructions:
./build clean
./build 'EXTRACFLAGS=-DPASSFILE=\".pine.pwd\"' osx
# ^^^
# platform
You can find a list of platforms in the doc/pine-ports file. Some common ones include (see the document for any special build instructions):
    BSD (original BSD 4.3 from U.C. Berkeley)
bsd BSD 4.3

bs3 BSDi BSD/386 Version 3 and Version 4
bs2 BSDi BSD/386 Version 2
bsi BSDi BSD/386 Version 1

cyg Cygwin environment under Windows

hpx HP-UX 10.x
hxd HP-UX 10.x w/ DCE
ghp HP-UX 10.x using gcc
hpp HP-UX 8.x and 9.x
shp HP-UX 8.x and 9.x w/ TCB
gh9 HP-UX 8.x and 9.x using gcc

lnx Linux using crypt from the C library
lnp Linux using PAM
slx Linux using -lcrypt for crypt()
sl4 Linux using -lshadow for crypt()
sl5 Linux using shadow passwords
ldb Debian Linux
lmd Mandrakelinux
lrh RedHat Enterprise and RedHat 7.2 or later
lsu SuSE Linux

osx Macintosh OS X
ox2 Macintosh OS X 10.2 and earlier

neb NetBSD

bso OpenBSD w/ shared-lib

nto Neutrino

sc5 SCO Open Server 5.x
go5 SCO Open Server 5.x using gcc
sco SCO Unix
gsc SCO Unix using gcc

Sun Solaris (Solaris 9 is the same as SunOS 5.9)
gs5 Sun Solaris >= 2.5 using gcc
soc Sun Solaris >= 8 using Sun C
gs4 Sun Solaris <= 2.4 using gcc
so5 Sun Solaris >= 2.5 (try soc or gs5)
so4 Sun Solaris <= 2.4

Sun SunOS (This is pre-Solaris SunOS)
sun Sun SunOS 4.1
ssn Sun SunOS 4.1 w/ shadow passwords
gsu SunOS 4.1 using gcc
s40 Sun SunOS 4.0

System V Release 4
sv4 System V Release 4

wnt Windows NT 3.51
Happy mailing!

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