Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Correction: TeXnicians (and TeXackers) over TeXperts

I thought this correction to a Brown university TeX tutorial was really cute.
I like you page on TeX, but had to comment that TeX is properly pronounce like the Tech in Technology (Knuth "The TeXbook" page 1) and thus the proper name for a TeX hacker is a TeXnichian not a TeXpert as you stated on your page (http://www.cfm.brown.edu/tutorials/tex.html) in fact the first exercise in the TeXbook is "After you have mastered the material in this book will you be: A TeXpert or a TeXnichian?" to which the correct answer is "A TeXnician (underpaid); sometimes also called a TeXacker." (Knuth, the TeXbook)

Please change this grievous error.


Christopher A Craig (ccraig@cc.gatech.edu)

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