Monday, September 08, 2008

Blogger Labels: No more than 20, unless there are more than 20.

I think it's dumb that the "Labels for this post:" line at the bottom of this bottom of this editor only lets me enter in 20 labels, but if I go into the "Edit Posts" and check this post, I can add as many existing labels as I want one by one.

So I have posts that have more than 20 labels. When I EDIT them, I have to DELETE labels in order to SAVE, and then I have to re-add them using the "Edit Posts" manager.

It's also dumb that Blogger prompts me for label completion and then picks the first one in this list when I hit "," regardless of whether I actually entered the list. So when I type "tex," in the "Labels for this post", it changes it to "AUC TeX," because that label is higher in the list but appears to match. (yes, I can scroll down to "tex" and select it... but what if it DIDN'T EXIST? What if I wanted a new label? In that case I have to let it complete and then go back and modify what it entered WITHOUT hitting comma again and causing another auto-completion.

I wonder when web development started going so far down hill. I'm sure "certification" has something to do with it. You can promote people based on their "certification" and not on their merit... I guess. I suppose that's a subject for another post.

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