Friday, January 07, 2005

Gonzales is a Bad Man, a Stupid Bad Man

So this morning I listened to many of the Gonzales responses to questions from Senators. It was shocking.

Ashcroft was a nightmare, but I'm pretty sure Gonzales is the reincarnation of Hitler or at least high ranking SS. The interesting thing is that after NPR ran the Gonzales story, they ran a case about a guy being tried for his work in the KKK.

Gonzales could at least answer the questions like a reasonable person. He could at least make some comments that at least SOUND sane. But instead he sounds like a tiny little GWBush trying to allow for a loophole that allows torture, but in the end not really caring because no one should be questioning the actions of the executive branch.

The guy actually said that when we spend time investigating things like Abu Ghraib we become more like our enemy. What does that even mean?!

I didn't think I'd hate this man this much, but I do! He's just another Bush cronie. He's a sad excuse for a moral man. This administration is populated with moral weaklings, and they seem to take pride in that.

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