Friday, January 28, 2005

Microsoft Scare Tactic

A quote from the article :
"The bad thing is that the piracy is obviously a problem," he said, "but the positive thing for Microsoft is that if that happened with open source, there would be no easy way to get around the problem. In this case, a proprietary product has an advantage because it can be authenticated."

This of course makes no sense at all because PIRACY ITSELF is not a problem with open source software.

The article is about Microsoft requiring people to register for Windows updates. For now, even unregistered users can get security patches. Eventually even that will go away. Thus, Microsoft will CAUSE more security problems when the REFUSE to fix pirated copies of their buggy software.

[ And yes, Bill Gates is a Bush supporter. ]

By the time Microsoft starts requiring registration for even CRITICAL updates, they'll have an anti-virus program in the market.

Realizing that most of their software will be unregistered and therefore VULNERABLE to *LOTS* of attacks, it makes sense that they'll start selling a lower priced anti-virus tool that will bully all the competition out of the market.

Just like the virus writer who made a fortune off of his Vacsina anti-virus program that cleaned his own viruses, Microsoft will make a fortune off of each bug they release into the public.

So what's Microsoft saying? Register now for "protection" or take a major hit and have to pay us anyway to fix your computer. Either way, Microsoft makes money. It's extortion.

Gates and Balmer are nothing more than mobsters. We need modern day "untouchables" to go out and put them in jail.

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