Friday, December 03, 2004

Actually Going to Publish a Book

So my adviser asked to meet me today. I figured it was just going to be about the research we've been doing so far, which it was, but it was something more than that.

He wants to write a book with me. More specifically, there will be four of us collaborating on this, which him and I putting in the most work on the most recent work. It'll be a small book, 200 pages or so, with probably around 5 chapters.

The topic will be foraging theory and its applications (with an engineering spin on things). This basically will be something to do in parallel with the journal papers I put together. The journal papers will bring interesting publishable things to print, and the book will bring everything together.

The hope is that this book won't take more than 2 years to write. That way we can hopefully get it into print before I'm done with my PhD. So then by the end of the PhD, I'll have around 5 papers and a book.

It's going to be busy, but I'm excited about it.

What I'm not so excited about is the NSF and NDSEG fellowship deadlines coming up. I still have to do all that writing. The NSF deadline is December 10. I could really use that extra stipend money per month. And I really think my research is going to benefit from staying on fellowship funding the whole time. I really do.

So I guess I better get to work . . .

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