Monday, December 13, 2004

LaTeX is a wonderful thing

Adding Links for LaTeX and RCS Integration into Favorite Text Editors

So I spent a lot of time today cleaning up my links page. I wanted to give plenty of tips on how to integrate MiKTeX and UltraEdit, TextPad, GVIM, and WinEdt. I also wanted to tie in how to get RCS support (and CVS support for the larger projects).

So I redid most of my links page:

My Links Page

Now there are plenty of instructions on how to get setup with your favorite Windows text editor, MiKTeX, and RCS (or CVS, if you must).

Killer RCS Tools (CS-RCS and GNU RCS)

I also want to comment on how great I think ComponentSoftware's CS-RCS Pro is. Configuring it for "single user" mode (and then making sure not to LOCK anything as to keep things in archive mode) is terrific. On top of that, installing GNU RCS gives plenty of the great command line features, and with the right options works right alongside CS-RCS. CS-RCS integrates automatically into many applications, and other applications are easily configured to work with CS-RCS or GNU RCS. It's a great combination.A Revolution in Documentation

People need to start making documents like this. Type them up in a text editor, typeset them with LaTeX, and keep track of the history of the document with RCS. It's easy, can save lots of time, and has tons of benefits (and makes it very easy to work in a large group on a document when necessary). On top of all of this, it applies equally as well to books as it does to one page essays.

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