Sunday, December 19, 2004

This "LIBERAL" Says TOO MUCH Heat on Rumsfeld

So lately the media and a great number of blogs have been pretty hard on Donny Rumsfeld. Some examples:

Army friends line up to attack Rumsfeld

GOP Leaders Join Chorus of Rumsfeld Detractors

Lott: Replace defense chief

As many GOP leaders come to criticize Rumsfled, I'm afraid many Dems are getting caught up in their own anti-administration euphoria. They're high on hating Rumsfeld. And the media is letting the Rumsfeld criticism blow sky high.

The Dems have got to slow down a bit here. You can't let Rumsfeld become the scapegoat for everything bad about Iraq. Rumsfeld was a chief architect of this campaign, sure, and he deserves some blame. But you have to back up and continue to blame Bush and the rest of the administration. You can't let Bush off the hook because of Rumsfeld.

After all, Rumsfeld wanted to leave the administration, but Bush ASKED him to stay. And now people want him replaced. So what was Bush thinking when he asked him to stay? Shouldn't BUSH be the one to blame for keeping him around?

Of course, Bush couldn't get rid of him. Bush ran on a campaign of "don't change horses midstream." Replacing Rumsfeld is a lot like changing horses midstream. But there's more there. Rumsfeld also is an easy place for the media and the rest of the government to point a blaming finger. Rumsfeld is Bush's fall man.

So yell about Rumsfeld all you want. But don't let all the screaming about Rumsfeld overpower the roaring of the burning Bush behind him who ultimately aims Rumsfeld in the directions that people criticize him for.

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