Friday, October 28, 2005

Google "failure"

Google "failure" and see what you get. The first link is George W. Bush's Biography. The second link is, which documents why GWBush is a failure.

A while ago someone noticed that Googling "stalker net" gave you OSU's people search as the first link. The people search has been affectionally referred to as "stalker net" around OSU for years, so this is pretty funny.

It turns out this whole phenomenon is due to Google bombing, which involves how Google does its page rank. James Surowiecki's The Wisdom of Crowds includes an interesting discussion of Google's page rank algorithm which uses votes cast by links from pages, with each vote being weighted more heavily if it comes from a page that has a lot of votes itself.

Anyway, the point is that so many people link "failure" to the Bush bio that it pops up on Google as the #1 link. That's pretty funny.

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