Friday, October 21, 2005

Ritualistic Christians will take your first born child

Sure, these aren't the most model citizens. The father was a sex offender back in 1983. The mother has been involved with drugs. But is that enough to warrant taking the mother's first born child not even 24 hours after the mother went through delivery? Is that right?

A judge actually had to put a restraining order on the COUNTY due to their prior harassment of this couple!

Crazy Pennsylvanians...

Officials try to seize sex offender's baby
Pennsylvania hospital refuses to hand over newborn

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Child-welfare officials obtained an emergency court order to seize a baby just 24 hours after he was born, contending the infant would be unsafe because his father is a convicted sex offender.

The agency expressed concerns that the boy could be in danger because his 53-year-old father, DaiShin WolfHawk, was convicted of rape and sodomy more than two decades ago in New York.

The WolfHawks had already gone to court because county officials were asking about the pregnancy. A federal judge placed a temporary restraining order on county officials to keep them from doing so.

DaiShin WolfHawk said he and his wife were "appalled" at the county's actions.

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