Monday, October 10, 2005

The Microsoft goose screws the gander

So Microsoft wants to start a subscription audio service. Microsoft is big into subscriptions. They're really big into licensing, royalties, etc. Someday you will pay Microsoft a monthly fee to drive your car because embedded software in it has components that originate with Microsoft... Microsoft is the king of royalties.

So they got together with the record companies to put together a subscription music service.

Microsoft, Music Labels Aren't Singing Same Tune
LOS ANGELES -- After weeks of negotiations, Microsoft has suspended talks with the four major record companies over licensing terms for a new online music-subscription service, according to people familiar with the talks.

The sources said the software giant broke off the discussions in Los Angeles on Friday. They had reached an impasse with the companies over royalty rates.

Apparently Microsoft said that all the royalties the record companies were charging were making the service far too expensive. Microsoft was fed up with all the royalties it would have to pay them!!

I hate that company, and if you work for them, I hate you too. There are no exceptions. There are plenty of good jobs out there. You have no excuse.

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