Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Press 1 and Stop Whining on National TV!

So I caught some Wheel of Fortune tonight. At the end of the show, Vanna White killed some dead air complaining about cell phone companies. Her complaint was that when you leave a voicemail, you have to waste a good 30 seconds listening to the cell phone schpeal about pressing different numbers for different options. She was saying it's a big conspiracy between the cell phone companies to get other cell phone users to spend more time on the phone while leaving a message.

First of all, it was silly to hear a woman who can afford a really great cell phone plan complain about losing minutes when she leaves a voicemail...

However, she might have a little bit of a point. Clearly she (and lots of people I run into) doesn't realize that you don't have to wait through that schpeal every time, so these people are spending lots more time per voicemail than they need to be. And years ago most of the cell phone companies standardized the voicemail interface so that they could all equally screw people... but...

If you press 1, it skips the whole thing and lets you leave a voicemail immediately.

SO REGARDLESS, **PRESS 1** and stop whining.

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