Monday, October 10, 2005

Too bad about the mercury...

Study: Fish-eaters stay sharper with age
CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Eating fish at least once a week is good for the brain, slowing age-related mental decline by the equivalent of three to four years, a study suggests.

The research adds to the growing evidence that a fish-rich diet helps keep the mind sharp. Previous studies found that people who ate fish lowered their risk of Alzheimer's disease and stroke. Fish such as salmon and tuna that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids also have been shown to prevent heart disease.

It's too bad that lack of regulation has let American companies poison the fish supply . . .

I think conservatives must LIKE Alzeimer's disease. First you poison the fish supply that helps prevent people from getting it, and THEN you outlaw embryonic stem cell research that could cure it. I think conservatives just want people to start forgetting things as soon as possible. That might help them to continue to get reelected -- just make sure the electorate cna't remember how incompetent you are.

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