Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And speaking of crazy Irish...

A post on a blog characterizing the typical crazy uneducated Notre Dame fan: BRADY QUINN IS QUINTESSENTIAL AS NOTRE DAME WINS

He describes his blog as "Right-of-center, traditionalist slant on politics, current events, illegal immigration, the rights of the unborn, and judicial activism." Which one does not belong? Could it be "right of center?" Could he have possibly meant, "far right"?

Notice some other fun things. According to the images on the right of the blog, he is a member of the "Confirm Alito Coalition" and he also states that, "I Still Support the President." Freak, no? How about "White Boys Only Club," "Christians for Torture," and "Democracy for Dummies?"

Additionally, he spells Stanford "Standford" (personally, I don't think this was a typo) and has a strange "Click Here" convention that takes up a lot of space and makes it difficult to understand where a link for a particular item is. What's also funny is that he has a mailto link with his real e-mail address (no special encoding or anything) linked to text with his e-mail address spelled out with an "-at-". I'm sure he's intending to keep spambots away from his e-mail, but his e-mail address is unencoded in the link. The "-at-" won't even phase the spambot. It will just use the mailto link. The use of ALL CAPS throughout many parts of the site is also an eyesore. Oh, and don't even get me started on his use of "and" in his del.icio.us tags.

This is your typical Notre Dame fan. People like this are the reason why so many people are so excited to hear about Notre Dame getting destroyed in a football game. For some reason it just seems right -- they're getting their "just deserts" (that's the correct spelling; the phrase is not referring to a snack after dinner) for being having arrogance and yet having nothing to be arrogant about.

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-LT said...

For any readers that didn't watch the game, a classy ND fan's sign read "Anti - Buckeye Catholics, in support of ABC broadcasting the game. My most conservative friend from high school was considered a crazy liberal at ND. They're nuts.