Tuesday, January 03, 2006

O-H !!

I-O !!

Rudy sucks! Blow Irish!

From an AIM profile in my buddy list:
i guess now we all now who god *really* cheers for

"That's all I heard this week," scoffed Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk. "How big it was that coach Weis was getting four weeks to prepare. What about giving coach [Jim] Tressel four weeks to prepare? He's won four of five bowl games. That's where I thought the focus should have been for you guys."

well said!

stat of the game? osu's 617 yards were the most against notre dame. in any game. in any year. (courtesy of stewart scott)

Brady Quinn (who went to my old high school) was really enthusiastic about playing for "the greatest university in college football." He could have gone to UM or OSU, but he wouldn't have been guaranteed playing time in his first year. So like many crazy Dublin Catholics, he went to Notre Dame. Charlie Weis never played college football -- he was always a student of the game. Somehow he made it into coaching the pros and was very successful there. However, then he left to coach Notre Dame. Even though this was a pay cut, he always wanted to coach Notre Dame. He showed himself to be one of the most arrogant and overrated coaches in college football history. And now with one decisive stroke, OSU has defeated both the great Brady Quinn and Charlie Weis.

I'm sure that there will still be many crazies who flock to Notre Dame for no good reason. There will still be plenty of people who never went to Notre Dame nor could find it on a map that will still cheer for it. However, it will be more clear to everyone else that these people are truly crazy and need to be locked up.

Hopefully Penn State can win its game. Then after that it'll be great to see USC get put in its place.

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