Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New: The iToast

UPDATE: There are rumors that Apple is bringing out a whole line of kitchen appliances. Names like iNuke and iSteam are being tossed around.

Apple is bringing out a toaster. No joke. The iToast.

iToast features wireless connectivity over Airport Extreme wireless networks.

Apple has a bread database... iToast analyzes your bread and accesses the database over wireless for proper toaster settings. Database has over 2000 types of bread with new brands being added daily! Weekly emailing tells iToast users what new breads have been added... "iToast Wednesdays!" Domestic breads available now... international breads online in March.

Wonder Bread and Orowheat are proud to partner with Apple and iToast, they say.

And there's more...
iToast has built in iPod functionality! Listen to music while you wait for your toast!

Multi-wave laser beam toasting. "Quick Toast" feature for fast toasting. Bagel setting... wide slots for big breads. HOLDS 10,000 SONGS!!! Bose Acoustic Wave™ stereo speakers inside. Bread database access included... no monthly fee. Bread database distributed over Akamai... NO LAG TIME! INSTANT TOAST SETTINGS RETRIEVAL!! All of this for just $99!


"Purchase music and video content direct from iToast... no computer required! Can share purchases with your Mac or PC and transfer to iPod... automatically syncs with iPod so you can continue with the video as you leave the house... exactly where you left off!

That's pretty crazy.

Could there be more?
"Let's say you and your husband/wife/life-partner enjoy different kinds of bread for your toast. With iToast, each slot has SEPARATE SENSORS! You can toast a bagel in one slot and a slice of rye in the other... iToast automatically adjusts each slot! Knows to only toast bagel on one side thanks to Apple Toast Database!"

"iToast ships next week!!"

Could it be for real?

I sorta hope so...

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