Thursday, January 12, 2006

No uniform iPod dock connector for a reason?

This was news to me. From Baby, you can drive my iPod in the section "The iPod tax":
For automakers, this seamless integration comes at a cost. Apple exerts tight control over accessories for its music player through its "Made for iPod" licensing program. Dashboard integration with the iPod requires the ability to plug into the iPod's special dock connector -- and that, in turn, requires a license from Apple.

I didn't know that you needed to purchase an Apple license to use those stupid proprietary connectors!

Do you think this is a reason why each new iPod has a slightly different way of connecting to it? It's frustrating buying accessories when you have to make sure that the accessory is for your particular iPod.

I think they'll just continue iterating through arbitrary dock connectors just so they can keep charging this license. That is, I'm sure that Apple holds the license on the connector due to some patent. By continually bringing out new connectors, they never have to worry about the patent expiring.

It's all so slimey. I really hate licensing so much.

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