Sunday, January 08, 2006

But Rhapsody Sucks!

HP Ditches iTunes for Rhapsody
Winning a coveted piece of digital real estate, RealNetworks has struck a deal to make its Rhapsody software the default for playing and buying music on Hewlett-Packard's consumer PCs in the United States -- replacing Apple's iTunes in that role.

But Rhapsody sucks! I know that a lot of people have trouble moving to iTunes because they really like Windows Media Player or they really like WinAmp. However, iTunes is at least a very practical and very usable application. If you get used to it, it's definitely a worthwhile replacement for WMP and WinAmp.

However, Rhapsody is just one of those crappy applications that might as well be spy ware. It's one of those things that gets packaged with something you actually want. You notice a few days later that there's this extra program in your Programs menu or (even worse) on the Desktop. (just like those "Install AOL Now!" icons that come with things)

I'm actually giving Rhapsody too hard of a time, and I guess this move makes sense... But c'mon... Yuck... "Rhapsody." Ewe.

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