Friday, December 23, 2005

I found my KVM!!

After a long search, one of the cheapest damn KVM's ended up being the one that worked!

The QVS KVM-12CK was the one that did the trick. It's great! It supports ALL the features of my Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical (all of the 5 buttons plus the scroll wheel) plus all of the features of my Logitech Media Keyboard Elite. I BET it would work with the cordless keyboard and mouse I was using earlier with a crappy Belkin OmniView (DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BELKIN EVER!! EVER!! BOYCOTT THIS AWFUL COMPANY!! BOYCOTT!!).

However, I do have a gripe or two about this new KVM switch. My biggest gripe is that its connectors come out the back (console) and two sides (each computer) and it's a square meant to sit flat, so it looks a little ugly and is a little inconvenient. I might rig up some sort of holder for it to hold it vertical attached to the hutch going around the monitor. It also has a single toggle button rather than a button for each PC, but since it's only 2-port then that's not so bad (it might even be preferable).

So this is exciting. It works. I'm pretty happy about it.

NOTE: IOGEAR also has a PS/2 version of this switch that I'm guessing works as superbly as the QVS KVM-12CK that is still working great today.

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