Sunday, December 25, 2005

Imogen Heap: "Hide and Seek" (and Frou Frou)

Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" off of her Speak for Yourself album has been hauntingly going around in my head ever since I heard it on a a December 22nd ATC piece.

It's really interesting. It's an a cappella song where Imogen Heap's voice is run through some distortion (and a few loops occassionally). Because of that distortion, it really feels like there is a chorus of Heaps singing, but because it's just her, the entire "chorus" shares this careful deliberateness that is really touching about the song. (note that it apparently also has a music video; see the Imogen Heap Wikipedia link above)

I'm clearly a big fan. Give it a listen sometime. There is a song snippets at the Amazon page for Speak for Yourself and they play a pretty long snippet (that really almost is the whole song) during the ATC piece that you can listen to on-line (formats: RealPlayer or Windows Media Player).

What I didn't realize until looking up all of this information is that Imogen Heap is actually one of the two members of Frou Frou, who has lately become popular due to placement in movies and TV shows. So that's sorta fun too.

[ Also note that Speak for Yourself is unfortunately one of those Sony CDs loaded up with software that may do everything from crash your computer to violate your civil liberties; be sure to hold down the "shift" key as you put it into your Windows machine. ]

[ Additionally, note that Imogen Heap has posted on Amazon her own list of music you should hear. That's neat. ]

[ Imogen Heap: official home page, blog, messsage board.
Frou Frou: official home page. ]

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Anonymous said...

Also check out the Tiesto Remix of Hide & Seek...