Monday, December 12, 2005

Who are these awful people?!

Please let all of these people be grotesque examples of the modern American citizen. Please let it be that they are simply strange uneducated backward awful people who contribute nothing significant to the people around them. Please let it be that these people have little-to-no more influence over the world than chance alone:For more information, see the following:Additionally, here is some interesting information about Daniel Brandt, the "sleuth" in this case:I wonder what Brandt thinks about blogs and web forums...<?>

I'm pretty sure Brandt is one of those assholes out there who whines about the BCS not being perfect too. Maybe I should add that category of people to the list as well... but then I think I might come close to sounding a little snippy, so I'll leave things as they are: cool, calm, and verifiably correct. The people above are crazy. Lock 'em up, throw away the key; we don't want to encourage more of this type of behavior.

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