Saturday, April 15, 2006

AMAZING Trivia FACTS for 2006!

Speaking of calendars, last Christmas, my sister got me a 365 MENSA Brain Puzzlers Page-a-Day Calendar for 2006. It came with a registration that allowed me to get a free on-line calendar that sends me a new page every day. I chose the on-line version of the 365 Amazing Trivia Facts for 2006, so every day it e-mails me a new "trivia fact."

(well, the e-mail contains a tiny trivia fact and fills the rest of the e-mail with lots of advertisements. This was annoying, so I wrote a script on my mail server to strip out everything in the e-mail except the trivia. I'm pretty proud of that)

Today's AMAZING trivia FACT?
Question: In Cockney rhyming slang, what’s a Wyatt Earp? How about a Raquel Welch?

Answer: An Earp is a burp; a Welch, a belch.

Well, now my life feels complete.

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