Friday, April 14, 2006

Power-Pop for Spring?

NPR's "Song of the Day" by Stephen Thompson: Power-Pop 'Oxygen' for a Spring Day

It's "Tearing Up the Oxygen" by Maritime (album: We, the Vehicles).
Two members of The Promise Ring went on to form Maritime, which released an appealing but uneven debut album in 2004 -- and which takes a quantum leap forward on We, the Vehicles, a sweetly buzzing collection of ingratiating power-pop. Springtime anthems don't get much catchier than "Tearing Up the Oxygen," a wonderfully sunny gem propelled by bleeping synths and "ah-ah" choruses.

It's really nice to see members of an emo band ("The Promise Ring" -- what an awful name!) grow up and decide to start a real band ("Maritime" -- much better). Good for them! It gives me hope, really, for world peace.

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