Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dumb and Dumber: United 93 and World Trade Center

First of all, I think it's more than a little evil that United 93 is taking advantage of the release of the Flight 93 recorder types to promote the movie. Personally, I think the juxtaposition of the Flight 93 tapes with the release of United 93 emphasizes that United 93 is completely ficticious.

Movies about 9/11 make me feel physically sick. They just seem like that bad of an idea. They aim to profit from the event. They do not somehow educate the public. They do not remind people of a long-ago tragedy that they have forgotten or never knew about. They simply poke at only recently healed wounds (and that's optimistic) in order to make a few bucks.

Apparently there are more coming. World Trade Center will come out this summer. It's about two cops that get rescued. Apparently this one has a "happy ending." Whereas United 93 has no hope for a happy ending, World Trade Center lets you live through the entire event again AND come out feeling good about the ending!

Apparently there are made-for-TV movies too. Flight 93 and Let's Roll: The Story of Flight 93. The title for that second one seems extremely inappropriate. I like the graphic for the first one:

Farmer Bob apparently gets to watch the plane hit. It almost looks like it's trying to be a comedy!

I hope this doesn't mean I hate America or something like that.

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