Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nice surprise from below

I got a knock on my door at 1:18am tonight. So that was weird.

It was my downstairs neighbor. Apparently it's his girlfriend's birthday, so they're having a few friends over and might get a little loud. He said that if it got al ittle too loud, I should just let him know with a few taps on the floor.

It's the first time I've met the guy.

Now, often the guy downstairs is a little loud. It does sorta drive me nuts... But I view it as character development on my part if I just learn to live with it.

For some reason, meeting the guy somehow makes things better. I'm somehow more okay with them being loud downstairs. (just the other day I said hello to him as he took out his trash; I was about to ask him if he needed any help (he had a few bags))

Now, I'm a little freaked out because they're frequently pretty loud. If he NOW feels like he needs to warn me, I'm wondering exactly how much worse it could get!!

There was a This American Life on a few weeks ago about a similar experience. Neighbors getting to know each other because they were linked acoustically.

Anyway... I just thought that was something notable... So there you have it.

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