Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Windows on a Mac

Well, it happened. I always figured there'd be a quick hack to do it (and there is), but Apple decided to give an official hack:

Apple Helps you Install Windows on a Mac

So now you can buy Apple hardware (like one of the new MacBook Pro or one of the new iMacs) with OS X installed on it and then use this Apple program to VERY SIMPLY install Windows on a second partition. You can then choose whether to boot into OS X or Windows. It's just that easy. See Apple's web pages:
It's a free download. It's called "boot camp," and there are lots of sites on the web that can help you with it.

So now if you like Apple hardware but want the freedom to run Windows too, you have the option available to you. Get a Mac with a really big hard drive (all of them have 3-digit-plus GB hard drives) and put Windows on it. Voila!

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