Friday, April 07, 2006


So this is new... Another crazy Google mashup...


Personal Maps Emerge as Visual Mixtape
For some people, hearing a particular song immediately conjurs up thoughts of an old boyfriend or girlfriend. For others, it's a place -- a park, a street corner or restaurant. So instead of making mix tapes, they're making personal maps, using the friendly technology Google uses for its mapping feature. At, a new website founded by "psychogeography hobbyists," the result is something like Wikipedia crossed with Rand McNally. Hundreds of "platial explorers" are contributing maps that trace everything from their first heartbreak to good birding spots. Venture capitalists like it too.


Jeffrey Barke said...

So, what do you think about Platial? Do you have an account? Older and less supported, foundcity is also cool.

Theo said...

Actually, I haven't used it. I just thought the service sounded cool.

I hadn't heard of foundcity. That's neat too (for the same reasons). I think I'll make a new blog entry about both of these right now, actually. I have friends who I know would love either one of them. Thanks for pointing foundcity out. :)