Thursday, April 06, 2006

April is SDF awareness month

I got this from one of the guys in e-mail.
Here are some ideas to think about during SDF awareness month 2006.
(Please note, I never announce this on April 1st, it is no joke).

1. Go to your local community colleges or universities and post a print out of in the student union building or other bulletin board locations/information kiosks around campus. Coffee shops that offer wifi and also have community bulletin boards are also an ideal place for SDF flyers. (If you do this, please respond to the 'locations posted' bboard thread)

2. Tell a friend or friends about SDF and what you like about it. Find out what they might be interested in, or show them around.*

3. Tutor a younger person (niece, nephew, brother or sister) on how to use SDF.*

4. Purchase a sticker lot (20 stickers for $10 shipped to you in the US, or $15 if you are outside of the USA) to give to friends.**

5. Purchase a compilation CD lot (10 CDs, of either comps I, II or III for $45 shipped to you in the USA or $52 if you are outside of the USA) to give to your friends.**

*ARPA members may validated friends and family during the month of April by emailing me user ids directly.

**Lots are only available, for the time being, through April. (Also, III is pending release, and should arrive before April 15th).

Thanks guys and be sure to tell us where you put up flyers!

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