Friday, April 28, 2006

More QuickSilver for Windows

(QuickSilver, SlickRun, and Colibri)

QuickSilver is a popular application for OS X. At its simplest level, it's an application launcher. You hit CNTRL+SPACE and start typing in the first few characters of an application name. In lightning speed, it matches all of the possible programs you might mean. Once you get to the one you want, hit ENTER and it starts. It's very nice. (it has lots of plugins that add neat features too. For example, you can use it as a calculator, dictionary, or thesaurus)

QuickSilver users often start to miss it when they have to work on Windows PC's in other parts of their lives. A common answer these users is SlickRun. SlickRun is really nice. It doesn't look like QuickSilver at all. However, it's still very effective. It doesn't have all of QuickSilver's features, but it does have enough (easy to use) features that make working in Windows (almost) bearable again.

However, today I heard about another Windows application that is so clearly a QuickSilver rip-off that I think it's criminal that they don't mention QuickSilver. I haven't installed it yet, but it looks like it might be really cool. It's called Colibri. If it works as well as SlickRun, then it may be the best application launcher available for OS X users working on Windows.

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