Thursday, July 28, 2005

Debate RAGES

So I saw the headline on Google News: Critics mad at Monaco's win. This was one of Google's top headlines. At first I read this and thought that maybe I missed some international event where Monaco won something. I didn't know. So, because it was a slow news day outside of the big IRA news and the CAFTA vote in the house, I decided to look into it...

Critics mad at Monaco's win
Debate rages over Dancing With the Stars judging

...the debate RAGES over DWTS!! It RAGES. If you go back to Google News now, you'll see that Monaco has responded and says that 'Dancing' was fair and square. I'm not quite sure why 'Dancing' is in quotes there. Though I'm not quite sure why the story is even a story. It must be a really slow news day...

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