Thursday, July 14, 2005

Democrats React to Rove

As I already mentioned, I'm pissed that the rest of us who go through the clearance process are told that we could be tried and sentenced to death if we dare leak any classified information even to other people who have clearances and yet do not have a "need to know!" Yet, Karl Rove is able to let his mouth go and go and go to reporters and spies and foreign dignitaries and all he gets is a slap on the wrist!!

The Democrats are taking this opportunity to introduce a measure on a spending bill that says that anyone who leaks the name of an undercover agent automatically loses their security clearance. If the Republicans protest, they'll look weak on national security. If the measure passes, Karl Rove will lose his security clearance after all this is over with.

Rove Uproar Sparks Democratic Plan on Security Clearance

While this is nice... He's still not being prosecuted for his CRIMINAL OFFENSE!!! I don't understand why I can kiss my life goodbye if I do what he does, but all he has to kiss goodbye are the classified doughnuts.

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