Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's fun that Jenn writes

So I think it's fun that Jenn writes so much.

Jenn's latest piece of fiction can be found on the Johnny America Zine: Speaking of Funerals.

I made fun of her for being autobiographical. You see, that story was almost identical to an IM she sent me the day it actually happened to her. What's funny is that about a week before that we had a talk about how fiction authors aren't supposed to be autobiographical. Thus, the teasing, which Jenn responded to via e-mail reminding me that she works with bishops, priests, and inmates often all within hours of each other and it's really difficult to separate out reality from fiction. I suppose that's a good argument. Maybe the purpose of Jenn's entire life is just to be an inspiration for good fiction. Wow... that sounds pretty sad when I say it like that.

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