Friday, July 08, 2005


Sasser author gets suspended term
BERLIN, Germany (CNN) -- A German court has convicted the teenager who created the Sasser worm that snarled tens of thousands of computers last year and sentenced him to 21 months' probation.

Sven Jaschan, 19, from the northwest town of Waffensen, could have faced five years in prison as an adult but was tried as a minor because the court determined he created the virus when he was 17, said Katharina Kreutzfeldt, spokeswoman for the Verden State Court outside Bremen.

Yeah, that's a good way to convince a 19 year old from being a jackass again. Give him a little probation. Community service -- great idea!

You know what I would think if I made Sasser at 17 and finally got sentenced at 19 to community service? "Phew! I was really worried, but I ended up getting off scott free! SWEET! I'm so going to brag about this to everyone."

What an ass.

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