Friday, July 08, 2005

Go ahead and die, see if I care; it sounds like you live in the afterlife anyway

Science of life evolving or revolving?

This is yet another article discussing the tension between creationism (more specifically intelligent design) and evolution by natural selection.

Scientists are alarmed at this whole debate. If you're teaching a science class, wouldn't it be nice to teach what scientists say to teach?

I say if these people are so convinced that it's wrong to teach kids in science class science, then these people should stop taking all of their medication. They should stop going to the doctor. They should stop listening to the warnings on the Drano that it shouldn't be drank. They should cease and decist all things that have been informed by science.

Is that a little harsh? How about just cutting out anything that could not have come about without an understanding of evolution? I guess that means that these people should cut all farm grown vegetables out of their diets. I guess that means that, again, they should cut out all medication out of their diets. They might as well not even bother going to the doctor, because there's not much that the doctor will be able to prescribe (or even diagnose) without some "bias" from evolution.

It seems like that's the fair thing to do. Sure, these people will live shorter lives, but they've been horny for God's touch for years now, so it's probably best to put them on the fast track to the big holy screw anyway. See? This is a solution that should make everyone happy. The uneducated folk get short lives and lots of God and the rest of us don't have to hear them whine about things they know nothing about.

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