Sunday, July 17, 2005

Honeymoon south of the border

So Mark sent a few of us the story of his recent honeymoon to Mazatlan, Mexico. I thought it was worth retelling not only for humor value but also to pass on some sound advice...
FYI...don't go to Mazatlan, Mexico...especially for a romantic getaway, like say, your honeymoon.

It is my opinion that Mazatlan could very well be the butthole of Mexico. Our first impression was the quaint little airport without AC that was surrounded by severely poor farms with your stereotypical emaciated donkeys and chickens running around. The cab ride into "town" had military checkpoints (that luckily we didn't have to stop at) where uniformed men bore machine guns...quite inviting. Finally the "resort" we stayed at had mildew and moisture issues, faulty AC, and "beds" that pulled out from under shelves...pseudo couches that had nasty stained bedding with stray hairs all over them. It seemed like it may have been nice in the 80's, but on the way down as a city. Noone spoke English hardly, and I think it's more a vacation destination for Mexican residents, not Americans.

Our first full day there we optimistically went for a walk on the beach where Rachel sliced here second-to-biggest toe nail off on a sharp rock. We took a cab back to our hotel where a "doctor's"office was nearby. For $150 cash he cleaned her injury and would not except credit cards...there went the last of our cash.

Fortunately Rachel's parents flew us out of there the next day and we planned a last minute weekend trip to DC...where many languages are spoken, but everyone knows English. Sometimes you want to go where everybody can say your name and credit card use is prolific. Just thought you'd get a kick out of hearing that story. But think twice and do your research before destination vacations south of the border.

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